I’ve been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis in my knees and hands for years. I have been taking Maori Miracle now for about 12 weeks. After 4 weeks, my arthritis was so much better and I have regained so much flexibility that I am able to get out and enjoy golfing once more, and that’s something that I thought I would never do again.
Ella Star, Cranbrook, B.C.

I had been taking Lakota and an added daily dose of glucosimine for the past several years for treating my arthritis and while I noticed a slight improvement, which was better than nothing, it wasn’t until my sister recommended a new arthritis remedy called Maori Miracle that I can honestly say has given me my life back. I followed the advice of my health practioner who suggested I start with an initial loading dose of six caps per day for the first bottle. In just two weeks the results were phenomenal, most if not all of my pain was gone. I now follow the recommended daily dose of three caps a day and each day I feel better and better. To say I love Maori Miracle is an understatement.
Steve Nagy, Edmonton, Alberta 

WOW, what a great product.I am one of those people who has tried every Arthritic product out there, from prescription drugs to natural remedies. The fact that I was still looking just shows that nothing was working for me. That is till now, where were you ten years ago? I am so impressed with Maori Miracle. I must confess that I didn’t notice immediate results but I decided to give it a fair chance and now after just 3 short months lets just say I won’t be trying any other product from here in out.Thank you Maori Miracle!
Linda, Markham, Ontario

I first decided to try Maori Miracle as the research sounded very positive.  I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, advanced degenerative disk disease and arthritis in my spine.  I have been using Maori Miracle for about 2 months now.  I doubled the dosage for the first bottle and am now down to 3 per day.  Two months ago I had severe pain in one hip, my left side and my back.  I also had persistent stiffness in general.   I could barely walk up the hill two blocks to my home.  The pain is gone in my hip and the stiffness is gone too.  There is still some back pain due to the degenerative disks but even that rarely requires medication now.  I really can’t believe how quickly this helped!  I am generally skeptical about most remedies on the market these days, but this one really does work – so don’t hesitate to try this.
L. Edstrom, Roberts Creek, BC

Hello Therapeutx, I’ve had terrible arthritis in both knees for over ten years, nothing has worked for me except pain killers, and I know the pain killers aren’t helping my arthritis just numbing the pain. I tried your maori miracle for 30 days taking 6 a day as recommended by the health food store for the first two bottles. It seemed to work for me but when I reduced the dosage down to 3 caps a day the following month, my arthritis flare ups returned. The good news is that I’m back to taking between 6 and 8 caps a day, which is a bit expensive but it really is working so for me it is well worth it. So thanks – just thought you might want to know.
Candise Druchet, Chilliwack, B.C.
PS: I’ve told my doctor about maori miracle.

Just thought I would let you know that this product works for pets as well. I have a 14 year old dog who suffers from canine arthritis, one of the remedies my vet suggested I try was green lipid mussel, well since I myself take Maori Miracle with great results and knowing that one of the ingredients is green lipid mussel I decided to give it a try on my dog. I have given him 2 capsules a day for the last 8 weeks and boy have I ever seen an improvement in his mobility plus he just seems to be back to his “happy self” again. I know this product was designed to treat humans but maybe you should consider re packaging a version for pets….there are a lot of us pet owners out there who want to keep our pets healthy and give them every advantage to live long and healthy lives, I think Maori Miracle is one of those products and I know I am going to continue giving it to my dog.
Dianne, Surrey, B.C.

I have been taking your product for 4 months now and I can’t believe the difference in how I feel and what I can do.  I suffer from osteoarthritis and last fall I could not even move my arm.  I also had great difficulty getting around.  I was on a prescription for pain but since I switched to your product I am just feeling better and better.  Thank you.
Bev O’Shea, Regina, Saskatchewan

Both my husband and myself use Maori Miracle and have found great benefit in our shoulders. I have recommended it to both my brother, who has a serious back problem that is medically “non-fixable” and my sister who has shoulder problems as well.
Cat Campbell, Nanaimo, BC

This order is actually for my Mom. She doesn’t have a paypaI account so I order for her. She has bone spurs on her discs as well as some erosion, compression and arthritis. My Mom swears by Maori Miracle and feels great relief from her severe pain when she uses it regularly. I am a fan of anything that alleviates my Mom’s pain, and if it comes from natural sources, all the better. You have a very good product that is consistent and gimmick-free. You can count on our continued orders in the future!

Kind regards’

Sylvia McKinnon, Mississauga ON