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Q.: I heard that ColdFx works well for flu. Is there an even better product?

A.: ColdFx had been made so popular by Don Cherry that it is now almost a household name. What it contains is basically an American Ginseng extract which has been shown to be beneficial for immunity. There is now a preparation called Ah-Choo that not only contains North American Ginseng but several other ingredients. Beta Glucan is a natural substance found in brewers’ yeast, bakers yeast, oats and barley bran, and medicinal mushrooms. It has been recognized as one of the most powerful supplements for immunity. Zinc, copper and selenium are trace minerals that are essential for an intact immune system. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine is effective in reducing the viscosity of the mucus that is always a nuisance in a cold or flu. With these additional ingredients, there is no doubt Ah-Choo will be more effective than ColdFx.

Dr. Henry Cheng: medical graduate of the University of London, England; Bachelor of Medicine( M.B.); Bachelor of Surgery (B.S.); Post-graduate Degree in Diagnostic Radiology (D.M.R.D.); 2 year course in complementary medicine with Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine; Certified Natural Products Advisor (C.N.P.A.); practiced family medicine & radiology for 12 years; trained in orthodox/western medicine and herbal/homeopathic medicine

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