Therapeutx™ is a subsidiary of North American Nutriceutical Inc., and is committed to researching and creating superior health formulas with a focus on safety & efficacy. Our research staff brings with them a lifetime of commitment and experience. We are a 100% Canadian owned company based in Surrey, British Columbia. Our work is conducted to aid the body of knowledge in the field of natural medicine. Our goal is to develop new therapeutic strategies in this field. The research that contributes to the development of these new treatments is what sets us apart; this is what we do best.

Therapeutx™ formulas must work effectively without adverse side affects. All raw materials are sourced from Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) suppliers and are quarantined upon arrival then tested to ensure purity and potency before being used in a Therapeutx™ formula. Further testing is done once the formula is complete; (Finished Product Testing). Finally a third test is done at the time of the product expiration date to ensure continued purity and potency. These are necessary and distinguishing steps to be taken in the manufacturing process to insure that what’s on the label is in the product. In this industry, not all ingredients are created equal and not all processing methods retain the required active medicinal ingredients. In every Therapeutx™ product you can be assured that you are getting the full potential of the active medicinal ingredient, our manufacturing practices guarantee it!

Therapeutx™ standards of excellence demand that each batch of raw material used in a Therapeutx™ formula be accompanied by a current third party Certificate of Analysis as a further assurance of purity and potency. No sub-standard ingredients ever get used in a Therapeutx™ formula.

Therapeutx™ brings you superior quality in every aspect of the process!