You, Arthritis, & A Three Year Program

Maori MiracleOne of the most natural ways to help slow down the degenerative, deforming, and disabling effects of arthritis is to improve your body’s overall nutrition. Most people today are significantly lacking in the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the body needs to maintain all areas at healthy levels. The role of nutrition cannot be understated, as our immune system relies on these to repair imbalances in the body. With the right nutrition and lifestyle, cartilage will not thin or degenerate nearly as quickly, if at all. As well, a strong immune system will keep inflammation, bacteria, and viruses, at bay.

Even people who have already developed arthritis can benefit from lifestyle changes. Eating the proper foods and taking nutritional supplements can repair, rebuild, and strengthen the cartilage that protects your bones from rubbing together. It is said that 60% of people who are diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, will become disabled within ten years. By simply changing, as early as possible, how they treat their body, many would be helped to continue with normal life activities beyond that average. Some have reported that their arthritis has actually reversed. If your arthritis is caused by infections, proper dietary considerations to address those problems may be needed.

The best changes you can make to your daily eating habits involve reducing or eliminating simple sugars and starches, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eating healthy proteins and fats. Many people feel making dietary changes is a difficult thing for them to do, but once they start feeling the beneficial effects, they are usually amazed and become completely devoted to those new changes.

In addition to boosting your nutrition levels, adding exercise is almost universally recommended as a natural way to treat arthritis symptoms and side effects. Low impact exercises which work to move and strengthen your joints without jarring or stressing them are the best. Swimming for example is an excellent all body exercise method, as is walking – and neither activity is overly stressful on the arthritic joints. Most of the body’s joints are avascular, meaning they do not have their own blood supply to provide nutrients and remove waste; the only way this essential process occurs is through the kind of regular movement we get from exercise.

You can also boost your body’s nutrition levels, to help clear up joint problems faster, by supplementing your dietary changes with natural medicines designed to clear up the synovial fluid, lubricate the joints, repair cartilage. These natural medicines can act as a natural anti-inflammatory without eroding the stomach lining. GlycoMarine™, an extract of the New Zealand greenlipped mussel Perna canaliculus, Kolla2® unhydrolyzed Type II collagen, hyaluronic acid, white willow bark extract and Myristin®, a cetylated fatty acid more commonly know as cetyl-myristoleate, are examples of the kinds of natural medicines that have such properties and are thought to be among the most effective in bringing the joints back to health.

You must bear in mind that a disorder that took 30 years to develop will not be remedied overnight. In fact the changes you make to address your arthritis disorder may be needed for life. However depending on the severity, you can expect to be on a 3 to 4 year program of supplementing your improved diet and life style with a combination of these natural medicines in order to bring you joints back to health.

Dr. T. Stokes – Natural Health Clinical Researcher / PhD Biochemistry

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