The Arthritis Jungle

The Arthritis Jungle

If you’re a baby boomer, the painful truth is, many of you probably already have or will have arthritis.  We are all familiar with the word arthritis, but do you recognize some tell-tale signs of its onslaught. Your fingers are feeling stiff, your knees hurt when you bend, there’s a nagging pain in your shoulder or your hip begins to ache when you walk more than a block.

Arthritic diseases have a variety of possible causes, and they are often associated with one’s age or caused by injury or chronic musculoskeletal overuse. Arthritis can also be caused by skeletal structural abnormalities, calcium build up and/or the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints. Additionally, immune system dysfunction and infection of the joint itself or an infection of the kidneys, heart, liver, thyroid or lungs can all contribute to arthritic disorders. There are more than a hundred different forms of this disease.

Several natural products including glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), have been on the market for a number of years as treatments for arthritis. There are however other natural substances, more effective but perhaps less recognized, that are gaining ground as serious second generation fighters in the war on arthritis. Substances such as GlycoMarine, an extract from the New Zealand green lipped mussel, Perna canaliculus,  Kolla2, a Type II collagen from chicken cartilage, Myristin (cetyl myristoleate), which is a fatty acid ester of cetyl alcohol and myristoleic acid, and a powerful lubricant called Hyaluronic Acid a substance found our own bodies.


GlycoMarine is a glycogen complex that targets arthritis pain and joint disease.  GlycoMarine is superior to glucosamine/chondroitin sulphate based products because it is multifunctional and has significantly greater anti-inflammatory activity. The main anti-inflammatory component in the extract is a glycogen complex, which has been shown, by standard pharmacological techniques used in the assessment of medicinal products, to have a significant effect in suppressing inflammation.  This compound also uniquely exhibits chondro-protective properties, defending joints against cartilage degeneration and improving joint function and mobility. Another valuable feature of GlycoMarine is that it has been found to have natural gastro-protective properties. This means that, not only does it not damage the delicate stomach lining; it actually provides a protective function for it. Thus, the product is able to relieve the inflammatory symptoms associated with arthritic diseases while protecting the stomach from the damaging effect of some painkillers, should a person find it necessary to be taking these at the same time.


Collagen Type II is the most abundant structural protein found in joints. Kolla2 is unhydrolyzed Type II Collagen that supplies our joints with vital amino acids (the protein building blocks of cartilage), glucosamine, chondroitin, and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to maintain water in the intercellular matrix of connective tissue, which contributes to the elasticity of skin, flexibility of joints and supports cardiovascular health. Research has shown that Type II collagen is lost progressively, along with mucopolysaccharides in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis patients. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis affecting more than 40 million North Americans, it is characterized by joint degeneration, loss of cartilage, alterations of subchondrial bone and damage to the extra-cellular matrix. Taking a supplement containing Kolla2 will help slow down or reverse the process. Kolla2 offers the complete building blocks for cartilage and joint health.


Myristin (Cetyl Myristoleate also called CM or CMO) was discovered in 1964, by researcher Harry W. Diehl while working for the US Institute of Health. The Cetyl Myristoleate molecule is a fatty acid ester of cetyl alcohol and myristoleic acid, not to be confused with myristic acid. Myristoleic acid is found in very small percentages in all fats and oils. Historically, many of these products were used in the cosmetic industry because of their ability to act as lubricants. As a fatty acid ester, it appears to have the same characteristics as the essential fatty acids, linoleic and alpha linolenic acids, except stronger and longer lasting. These fatty acids are referred to as essential fatty acids (EFA’s) because the human body cannot make them and so we must ingest them. The use of EFA’s over an extended period of time has been shown to decrease arthritic pain & inflammation, and improve mobility.  It is speculated that Myristin stimulates the production of immunoglobulins and series 1 and 3 prostaglandins, thus acting as an immunomodulator, which could explain why it has such a potent effect in auto-immune and inflammatory conditions.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid, (HA) plays an integral role in maintaining and regulating moisture within the tissues and facilitates the transport of nutrients into the cells and the removal of metabolic waste. HA is found in all of the body’s tissues, with the highest concentrations located in the extra-cellular matrix of the skin and the synovial fluid that bathes the joints and cartilage. Optimum levels of HA are essential for the health of the joints and cartilage. HA restores lubrication and cushioning to the joints.

White Willow Bark Extract

Another natural substance worth mentioning is white willow bark extract (WWB). WWB contains salicin, which the body converts to salicylic acid and has the same effect as aspirin without the side effects. In fact, White Willow Bark was the basis for the synthesis of aspirin. The benefits of White Willow Bark today are that it is an anti-inflammatory alleviating joint & muscle aches, a fever reducer, an analgesic, an anti-rheumatic, and an astringent. Specifically, it helps to relieve pain associated with inflammatory conditions like rheumatism and arthritis. White willow bark contains tannins and flavonoids, which probably account for some of these benefits. There are no major side effects known. Arm yourself with these safe, powerful natural medicines now to begin the process of defeating arthritis and re-gaining the full range of your mobility.

Dr. T. Stokes – Natural Health Clinical Researcher / PhD Biochemistry

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