Farming the Seas to Treat Disease

Farming the Seas to Treat Disease

For more than 30 years the clean waters of the South Pacific Ocean around the coast of New Zealand have been farmed for the cultivation of the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus). A complex extract from this unique shellfish called GlycoMarine has been proven to provide significant benefit for both human beings and animals suffering joint and mobility problems. For the production of the GlycoMarine extract it is essential that strict quality control of the cultivation of the mussels is exercised and therefore the mussels are not taken from natural beds but are cultivated on licenced marine farms. The marine farms are very strictly controlled by the New Zealand government and the regulations are such that it is possible to trace an individual batch of GlycoMarine back to the time of day, the specific farm and from which batch the mussels were harvested.

The mussels are grown on special ropes which hang down from horizontal lines at the surface. These horizontal lines are supported by buoys at each end and other buoys are added at intervals along their length as the mussels grow and increase the weight on the lines. They are usually harvested between 14 and 18 months from being seeded. No fertilizers or herbicidal type agents are involved in this farming as it merely optimizes the natural properties of the sea water column by having the shellfish suspended vertically throughout the water column. New Zealand is fortunate in having, clean, unpolluted coastal waters which are highly productive and of an excellent temperature range for cultivating a variety of marine species.

New Zealand also has a highly effective monitoring program to ensure that the mussels are not contaminated by blooms of certain marine algae that might contain toxins. All farming sites are monitored on a regular basis and the regulatory authority prohibits the harvesting of any shellfish from any farms within a suspect area. This program, in addition to the other monitoring and quality assurance programs carried out by governmental regulatory authorities ensures that New Zealand shellfish are always perfectly safe. As the GlycoMarine mussel extract is used all around the world for the safe and effective relief of painful, inflammatory joint problems this assurance of the safety and quality of the mussels from which the extract is produced is very important.

Myristin (Cetyl myristoleate), is another effective aid in the relief of joint and mobility problems that is manufactured with great attention to quality control. Myristin is a fatty acid ester that functions as an immunomodulatory agent and anti-inflammatory reported to inhibit aberrant T-cell activity.

Kolla2 is the registered trade name for 100% Type II collagen derived from unhydrolyzed chicken sternum cartilage. This is another product worthy of investigation by anyone looking for relief from arthritis. The unique and patented low-temperature process used to manufacture Kolla2 results in a high quality finished product. Several clinical studies conducted with human subjects and have indicated various levels of benefit for relief of the classical symptoms of both rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis. The mechanisms by which type II collagen appears to mediate these symptoms is by a combination of oral tolerization (T-cell and cytokine mediation) with angiogenesis inhibition and potential chondroprotective functions due to the natural content of glycosaminoglycans in the product.

Hyaluronic acid is also worth consideration as an effective natural component in the war on arthritis and joint disorders. Hyaluronic acid is widely distributed in the body and has a major role in the maintenance of joint health.

A balanced combination of GlycoMarine, Myristin (cetyl-myristoleate), Kolla2, and Hyaluronic Acid would undoubtedly be an extremely effective arthritis remedy.

By J.E. Croft, LRCS, MRSNZ, FRSH, is a Licentiate of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London, UK), a member of the Royal Society of New Zealand, a fellow of the Royal Society of Health (London, UK) and a published authour whose specialty is marine-based natural therapy.

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