Maori Miracle & Ah-ChooTherapeutx™: We pride ourselves on making unique and superior formulas, designed to prevent & address diseases at their root causes. Our commitment to research is on going. Therapeutx™ researches & develops evidence-based remedies for the safe, effective treatment of human disorders, disease prevention and the maintenance of good health.

Therapeutx™ formulas must work effectively without adverse side affects. We shop the world for raw materials and purchase only from reputable suppliers who have been certified for adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Raw materials are quarantined upon arrival then tested to ensure purity & potency and to guarantee there are no contaminants before being used in a Therapeutx™ formula. Further testing is done once the formula is complete; (Finished Product Testing). Finally a third test is done at the time of the product expiration date to assure continued purity and potency. Integrity is a key ingredient in every Therapeutx™ product.

Therapeutx™ standards of excellence demand that each batch of raw material used in our formulas be accompanied by a current third party Certificate of Analysis as a further assurance of purity and potency. No sub-standard ingredients ever get used in a Therapeutx™ formula.

Therapeutx™ brings you quality in every aspect of the process.